thegreenfieldgroup Plants Unique Facts About Bonsai plants

Unique Facts About Bonsai plants

Unique Facts About Bonsai plants

Bonsai, ornamental Plants, the unique rare – Bonsai is a plant that lives a dwarf with the age-old, Bonsai has been quite a lot of who maintain good to decoration or to ornament the yard of the house or living room. Bonsai which great could reach billions of dollars, I’ve ever read in a media that the bonsai belonging people there who appreciated Rp 2.7 M.

the price is quite fantastic for a dwarf tree. Different types of other ornamental plants, bonsai trees longer maintained will be more expensive, unlike the price of anthurium some time ago was booming. Bonsai as a dwarf plant is a tree unique and rare because a bonsai tree will not have the same shape as the bonsai in the other.

the ornamental plant that is similar to bonsai is adenium ( Cambodia ). Adenium if treated well can be formed into plant ornament unique and similar to bonsai, the price of adenium current also remains expensive. However, for ornamental plants, adenium maintenance is easier than with the care of bonsai. Bonsai requires its own tricks so that the bonsai continues to grow and avoid illness. If any in care then the bonsai will die, and your collection will also be lost. I myself used to also have a few bonsai trees Drawstring pretty good, but because the care is not optimal and not too terawatt because of busy then finally the bonsai was dead. At this time no one left any bonsai first I have ever had.

Bonsai today they are hard to find in nature because more and more people are chasing down the bonsai to be treated. First time not too many people hunting bonsai for houseplants, at least we can still choose the shape of the dwarf trees that will make our bonsai, but now the tree with the form of which is not so good already on the hunted.

Care of ornamental plants bonsai includes regular fertilizing, watering, establishment of branches and stunting of the leaves. The correct care will make a bonsai survive. Media for live bonsai is very limited so the provision of fertilizer proper nutrition will prolong the life of your bonsai. Type-the type of tree or plant commonly used as ornamental bonsai, such as tamarind trees, tree planer, Stigi tree, cashew tree seeds, spruce, banyan tree, tamarind tree, chill out tree and others

ornamental Plants bonsai has a wide variety of styles, there are styles dangle, snake style, informal style, Bonsai-style Slenting (oblique), semi-Cascade (steep), the style of the full Cascade (very steep/ waterfall), style leaning like a wind-blown, style Grooving (assembled or in a group) and so on. To be beautiful, bonsai should be formed with precision and patience. Because bonsai trees are found in nature are usually not formed according to the wishes of us that need care and the process of the formation of the right. How to plant ornamental plants bonsai any to any going to be the bonsai is different, depending on the type of tree. Resinous tree lots with trees that have no sap of a lot will be different ways of cropping. Early planting bonsai nice usually when ahead of the rainy season to plant leafy.

Intiya is, the beauty of bonsai as an ornamental plant rare lies in the appearance of the bonsai itself, the more it looks real and natural as if like a plant of large old living in nature, then it will be the good quality of bonsai such. Bonsai can be a good investment because the bonsai is a rare item and the price is more expensive from day to day, so it is not a little which makes it as the business field as well as to clinch the championship in the contest of bonsai.

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