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The Type Of Plant And The Characteristics

The Type Of Plant And Characteristics Characteristics

Types of plants and traits of character usually a lot of wanted to know for those of you who are currently studying in school JUNIOR high school or high SCHOOL. This topic is a topic that is often discussed in biology lessons. Distribution of types of plants actually motivated by a few things, there are herbs which divided its kind according to the type of seeds and the other. If the plant is specified according to the type of seeds, then the plants are divided into plants of dicots and monocots.

Types of plants and characteristics if it is based on the type of seeds are dicots and monocots, and the explanation is as follows :

1. For Plants Dicots

Types of plants and traits of character that are the first to be discussed is the types of plants dicots. Simply put, plants dicots are plants that have seeds to two, and can also produce flowers. The characteristic traits of dicotyledonous plants is :

Plants dicots have root type taproot where the root of the primary is larger than the other roots in the form of a compliment.
– Because it has a taproot, then it is usually of plant has a hood roots.
– Plants of dicots has the shape of the bone leaves pinnate or finger-like.
– As the name suggests, plants dicots have pieces of seed amounted to two.
– Plants have cambium in the root, the cambium is functioning as a place stray food reserves in the plant.
Plants dicots have flower petals with multiples of four or five, a lot more than plants monocots.
– The roots of the plants dicots can be enlarged.

an Example of plant dicot is a plant in the distances, plant eggplant, vegetable legumes, plants guava and many other plants.

2. For Plants Monocots

Types of plants and the characteristics that the next will be discussed is a plant of monocots. In simple terms, plants monocot is a plant that only has a piece of seeds of one, or also often referred to as not to. The characteristics of plants monocots are as follows :

Plants monocots have a root type of fiber that is very much and small.
Plants monocots have a form of bone the leaves are curved or parallel and not fingered.
Plants monocots have only one puck seeds as the name suggests.
Plants monocots have kaliptra or hood roots, unlike plant dicots that do not have it.
– However, plants monocots do not have cambium, so that the roots do not store food reserves.
Plants monocots have flower petals in multiples thereof smaller than plants of dicots that have only 3 multiples.
– Because it is not used to store food, root dai plant monocots can not be enlarged.Types of Plants And Characteristics Characteristics

Types of Plants can be explained at this below :

Examples of plant monocots according to their classification, some of which are as follows :

– On the classification Gramineae,

an Example of the plants is a plant of the orchid life in the land.

– On the classification of the Liliaceae,

an Example of the plants are lilies and also tulips.

– On the classification of Bromeliaceae,

an Example of the plants is a plant of the pineapple.

– On the classification of the Cactaceae,

an Example of the plants is Opuntia elatior, and still a lot of classification and other examples.

That’s the type of plant and the characteristics which are grouped based on the type of seeds. If grouped by place his life, then the type is as follows :

1. Xerofit, this kind of is the term for plants that live in very dry places. Its main characteristic can store water inside its body. An example is a cactus.
2. Hydrophytes, this type is the plants that live in water. For example water hyacinth.
3. Hygroft, plants of this type is a plant that lives in damp, for example, ferns and mosses.
4. Epiphytes, this kind of plant this is a plant that lives attached to other organisms, for example, plants orchids
5. Parasite, a plant of this type is the plant life hitching a ride on other creatures, for example, the parasite.

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