thegreenfieldgroup Plants 5 plants that have strange shapes in the world

5 plants that have strange shapes in the world

5 plants that have strange shapes in the world

Plants in the world are generally friendly. But there are also plants that have the appearance of a strange and dangerous malignant to nature around. 10 Plants most Strange and Ferocious in the World.

1. Tree Dynamite (Hura Brasiliensis)

other Epithets of the plant this is a Tree of Hell. There is also a dub of this as a Tree SandBox (sandbox tree). This plant is a plant that comes from the tropical forests of the Amazon. The shape of this tree is its trunk covered in sharp spines, the sap of this tree turns toxic. Due to the toxic, local residents often use it for arrowheads. In addition, they also have fruit. And the fruit of the tree is not kidding, so ripe, the fruit of this tree will explode! Even the explosive power of this tree is capable of injuring humans and animals that accidentally passing near this tree! that’s why its name like that!.

2. The Dragon’s Blood tree (Dracaena Cinnabar)

many Crops were found islands of Socotra. The tree is known by the name of the Dragon’s Blood Tree or Dragon Tree of Socotra. The unique shape, like an umbrella, it turns out that only one of unique this tree is. The name of dragon blood from this tree it turns out is taken from the sap of this tree is red. Exactly like the dragon’s blood in Harry Potter, it turns out the ‘dragon’s blood’ of the tree is useful for the treatment of. In addition, it turns red ‘dragon’s blood’ this tree is also often used as the dye natural red.

3. Plant Dance (Desmodium Gyrans)

Darwin named this plant as Hedysarum, or the botanists call it Desmodium Gyrans, or more modern again Codariocalyx Motorius. The name commonly is known is Grass Dancing (Dancing Grass) or Plant Semaphore (Semaphore Plant) because the movement of the leaves, which is similar to the movement of the hand sending signals semaphores. This plant is easy to once grow, just need sunlight and water alone without the need of fertilizer that complicated.

4. Carnivorous plants (Dionaea Muscipula)

Never seen this plant? This particular plant is a plant of a meat-eater (carnivore) most famous. Its shape is like a mouth with teeth that small. Pair of “Leaves” that characterizes this plant is a trap that has hair that is ultra-sensitive, who can feel the presence of animals or small insects that come. So the hair on the leaves it touched, then the leaves will close and trap any animal that approached him.

5. Welwitschia Mirabilis

this Plant is planted is the most resilient in the world. Indeed plants this one does not look like plants, but native plants Namibia is indeed extraordinary. Why incredible? This plant has only two leaves, one stem, and root system, But these two leaves continue to grow until it finally resembled an Alien. The stems of this plant more and will be thicker, but not elevated, the maximum height of the plant is only 2 meters but its width can reach 8 meters. The age of these plants can reach 400 to 15 centuries!. Can life continue without rain for 5 years! In addition, plants in Namibia called Onyanga it turned out delicious to eat either eaten raw or cooked in the coals.

6. Bottletree (Baobab)

And the loss is a bottle tree or the name of biology is the Baobab. This tree is a plant native to areas of Madagascar, Africa, and Australia. This tree called a bottle tree because, in addition to its shape which is like a bottle, this tree turns out to indeed be able to save up to 300 liters of water! So it can grow up to 500 years!

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