thegreenfieldgroup fruits,Plants Know The Coco De Mer, A Rare Palm Tree With The Largest Fruit In The World

Know The Coco De Mer, A Rare Palm Tree With The Largest Fruit In The World

Know The Coco De Mer, A Rare Palm Tree With The Largest Fruit In The World

Almost everyone knows the shape, size, and taste of the coconut fruit. But did You know there is a coconut fruit with the jumbo size which was recorded as the coconut fruit is the largest in the world?

Plant unique palm is known by the name coco de Mer, a palm tree super rare it has the fruit size is very large. In addition to its size, the fruit of this palm also has a series of the uniqueness of the other, here are 5 unique facts about the coco de mer.

1. A kind of coconut

this Tree is still one family with the type of palm tree that is widely known. The shape of stems, leaves and even the fruit similar to the fruit of the coconut in general, but more tall and lush.

That makes it look different only on the fruit size, super large. This tree is also experiencing a period of conception which is very old. Reportedly one tree, the coco de mer takes growing up to 80 years to be fruitful.

2. The size and shape of the fruit

A glimpse is indeed the fruit of the coco de mer looks like coconut but with a unique shape. At the bottom of this fruit seen a line of indentation which makes the palm seem a bit split in two. At a glance, it looks like the hips or buttocks of the human.

the size of the fruit is also super large, roughly two times the size of the head of the adults. The weight of each fruit is about 15-30 pounds. When cleaved, look at it like there are two coconut twins.

3. There are male and female trees

Not all the trees of the coco de mer can produce fruit, only the female trees already fertilized can grow fruit. The process of pollination of these trees relies on nature with the help of the wind.

No wonder the fruit of the tree is fairly rare because it takes a long process to produce the fruit that is ready for consumption. The trees that had been fertilized at least need time to 5-7 years to develop fruit. If planted from seeds, this tree takes 80 years. Wow!!!

4. Grows only in one location

Obviously a lot of people who do not years the coco de mer because this plant is very rare and could not be cultivated in many places. This tree grows only in Seychelles a country Island which is located in the northeast of Madagascar, Africa.

this Tree thrives d National Park Praislin, Vallee de Mai. In 1983, the national park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site because it saves a lot of rare plants. Oiya, coco de mer even also be considered as ancient plants.

5. The myth of the fruit of the coco de mer

Communities in coastal Maldives Islands often find this unique fruit at the edge of the sea but never managed to find the tree. This makes a lot of people believe that coco de mer is a plant that lives at the bottom of the sea. the Community of the Maldives even has its own word for the fruit of the coco de mer Laodicea maldivica which the fruit that comes from the Maldives.

Uniquely, because of the myths that developed, the princes of the Middle East to the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II offer a lot of money for anyone who can find this fruit. An expert on cosmology and Christian, Major-General Charles George Gordon ever assume that the coco de mer was the forbidden fruit that made Eve and Adam expelled from paradise.

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