thegreenfieldgroup This Ways Consumption Meat Can Be Bad For The Environment?

Consumption Meat Can Be Bad For The Environment?

Consumption Meat Can Be Bad For The Environment

Maintain the health of the body in order to remain fit and long-lived means nothing if you ignore the environmental conditions. For the sake of the environment, the process of food processing should be carried out with the principle of sustainability.

population growth, hunger, and sustainability became a topic of discussion about nutrition interesting. How not, these environmental factors are often underestimated in order to meet the needs of the human diet in all over the world.

the world’s population Increase is also predicted coupled with rising per capita income in developing countries. The effect, the need for food will rise more than 50 percent, with 70 percent of it is the need for food got of animals.

In the middle class, the rise in income prevalent coupled with improved nutrition and the nutrition of family members. In developing countries, the improvement of nutrition causes a rise in the consumption of meat. Meat is considered a source of good nutrition, with high protein content and high fat.

However, Prof Bloem called the increase in the consumption of meat raises the risk of two problems. The first problem, the consumption of meat makes the need for land for livestock and clean water increased.

This is a challenge because the resources of land and water clean is a type of resource that is not renewable. In other words, the increased consumption of meat will aggravate the condition of the environment.

Switch to Food Made from Herbs for the sake of Sustainability

For that, the required solutions to healthy food and safe, but not bad for the environment. Here, the principle of sustainability (sustainability) should be prioritized.

one of the solutions offered by Prof Bloem is intensified foods are sourced from plants. Unlike meat, which requires land, feed, and water for livestock, food processing sourced plants need a source of lower power.

Some of the food is sourced plants with a high nutrient content that is actually already integrated with the culture society. Tahu and Tempe, processed foods from soybeans, which now began to popular in America and Europe, commonly eaten society day-to-day.

here, the collaboration between the private sector (industry) and the government is important so that healthy food made from plants popular back consumed by the public.

private Parties through the food industry, for example, can reproduce products made from plants native, fortified with vitamins and minerals. In addition to helping overcome nutritional problems in the community, the use of raw materials of local flora can also reduce the production cost of the industry.

For the government, support can be done by making rules about the production of food made from local herbs. Don’t forget the promotion of healthy food made from plants that are nutrient-rich and cheap should be targeted to the community.

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