Plants Characteristics Of Special Plants

Characteristics Of Special Plants

Characteristics Of Special Plants

After we discuss the characteristic features of the animal, we will now discuss the special traits in plants. Not only the animals it turns out that have the special traits, but even plants apparently are also having the special characteristics that can be seen directly from its unique and different than others.

Nature’s own does have many types of plants that are variegated, ranging from the shape, color to its habitat which is unusual. Certainly you also never see or even observe the plants that have bizarre shapes and unusual so it makes you wonder, why the plant has a unique shape.

of course, you still don’t know if it’s actually in every plant have the characteristic traits that each of them is used to maintain itself or to survive, to make it more clear, we have summarized some examples of plants that have the traits of the special below.

corpse Flower

Special Characteristics Of Every Plant

As already described above if there is a plant that has the shape and traits of the special characters so that the plant looks unique and interesting, some of the plants with traits unique to this can be found all around us but there are also plants that only live in a certain place just so as to be away from the reach of humans. Here are some of the plants with traits special traits that are unique.

corpse Flower

as the name suggests this flower not only has a special character with a unique shape but also has a pungent odor and does not taste good. This scent has the function to keep the danger of this flower and used to stimulate the insects to help pollination.


the distinctive feature of this plant is the leaves that are wide and thin and the stems and roots of a hollow cavity which has the function to carry oxygen to the stems and roots and helps to keep breathing even though the lotus lives in water or mud.


this plant has leaves that are covered with spines and has a function to reduce the evaporation of this makes the cactus can survive in dry areas.


Rose has a trunk that is filled with sharp spines and has a function to protect it from various attacks of the enemy while the flowers have the function to attract the attention of insects to help in the process of pollination.


Bamboo has fur that is smooth and itching if touched which will protect him from the enemies who want to damage the plant.


a Mimosa has a special characteristic, namely, the leaves will stop if touched, the leaves smooth, branching and prickly sharp. These spines have the function to protect themselves from herbivorous animals that will eat it.


these Herbs have special characteristics with a pouch that contains fluid that can be used to catch insects.


Plant one is known because the flowers are beautiful so it is often cultivated and grown in-house as an ornament, his own orchids is the epiphytic plants that live by way of hitching a ride on other plants for can get sunlight. But even so this plant is not a parasite that could harm plants that are blown.

Because the orchid will not absorb water and also food substances of plant origin that are blown because the orchids only have roots that hang to be able to breathe and a unique way of life this is the distinctive feature of the orchids the flowers are beautiful.


the distinctive feature of this plant is its flowers that always follow where the direction of the sun, therefore, this plant is called the flower of the sun.


Not only the shape and place of residence of a unique plant also have a unique way of life with a maker that has the function to protect themselves when the tides and waves come. Mangrove trees themselves also have benefits for human life because in addition to could produce oxygen but this tree can also withstand a tsunami.

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