Plants Example Text Report The Results Of The Observation About Plants

Example Text Report The Results Of The Observation About Plants

Example Text Report The Results Of The Observation About Plants

The existence of the plant species step in Indonesia has been known up to the corners of the world so that many tourists who come to see it. However, in ballik it all, the diversity of rare flowers received less attention from conservation bodies that exist in Indonesia. This is evident from the increasingly rampant activities of logging that are done in the wild that can affect the habitat of a wealth of flora in Indonesia.

the Following types of flora that are rare in Indonesia. Flora-flora has endangered its existence because of human activities. Therefore, we must maintain and preserve the rare flora that grows in the country.

a. Rafflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia arnoldii is a plant obligate parasite which is famous because it has the flowers sized besae, even is the largest flower in the world. He grew up in the network vines (lianas) tetrastigma and has no leaves so it is not able to photosynthesize. This plant is academic in the Island of Sumatra, especially the southern part (Bengkulu, Jambi, and South Sumatra).

Kerinci Seblat National Park is an area of conservation primary species Rafflesia arnoldii. This type, together with members of the genus Rafflesia that other, threatened status due to deforestation. On the Island of Java, plants of this type only one, namely the type of patma of a parasite, Rafflesia patma.

Flowers Rafllesia the case of parasites is not Root, not leafy, and not stemmed. The Diameter of the flower when in bloom can reach 1 meter weighing about 11 kilograms. Flower sucks inorganic elements and organic of the host plant tetrastigma. The only part that can be called as a “plant” is a network that grows on vines tetrastigma.

Rafflesia Flower has a five-leaf crown that surrounds the part that looks like the mouth of the isthmus. At the base of the flower, there is a part like a disk thorny, containing stamens or pistils depending on the sex of the flowers, male or Bertina. Animal pollinators on this plant are the flies that are attracted by the foul smell that issued interest. The flower was only about one week (7 days) and after that wither and die. The percentage of fertilization is very small because the male flowers and female flowers are very rarely able to bloom simultaneously in one week, that is if there are flies that come fertilize.


b. Amorphophallus titanum

Amorphophallus titanum or known as the corpse flower has two phases in his life, namely the phase of vegetative and generative. In the vegetative phase, the flower is starting to have leaves and stems blushing with the high reaching 6 meters. After some time, the vegetative organs of the wither and the tubers into food reserves of this flower. The corpse flower has the shape of a large flower and a flower type monoecious or protagoni.

c. Kantong Semar (Nepenthes sp.)

Unique plants that have a kind of valve or bag are included in the category of rare plants in Indonesia, whose population became extinct. Plants semar bag can be found on the mainland of Sumatra and Kalimantan. This plant is divided into three species, namely Nepenthes boschiana, Nepenthes Pilosa, and Nepenthes palingenesis.

Main prey in Nepenthes is still covered if the leaves of this plant are still young, then opens when it is mature. However, it does not mean the pockets of the flora of carnivores are closing while still a young course. Such rights occur so that the digestive process runs smoothly and not be disturbed swarms of enemies ready to seize food that has been obtained by this plant.

Well, that’s an example of the text report the results of observations of rare plants in Indonesia, to the next post please read about the structure of the text the results of the observation above. Thus the article information about the language material that I can share and hopefully useful to You.

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