Some magnificent places where you should book flights to travel right now

Forget the Moc Chau highland, Sapa town and Ha Giang, a new year has already come, this year, 2018, we would like to introduce some nice places for backpackers in Vietnam. At first, do not forget to book a flight as soon as possible to get the best price, we recommend you to visit justfly to compare the newest flight ticket price. And here are some attractive places you should go this year:

Bau Trang – Phan Ri Cua

Bau Trang - Phan Ri Cua

This route (motorway DT716) is nearly 40 km long, it goes through two fresh water lake Bau Sen and Bau Trang, this trip will be one of the most interesting places for anyone to begin a new year trip. The scene on two sides of the road will impress everyone,  two sides of the road are full of dry yellow sand dunes, light up by the sun of Ninh Thuan province. There is some special terrain here, when you travel to the end of the road, it is a peaceful lake with fresh air and water, you can also experience the beauty of Ninh Thuan nature. All these things have made a strong attraction to Vietnamese backpackers. You maybe feel like you are travelling on the golden sunlight in the West of America.

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 Long Hai – La Gi

Additionally, another route which you can refer to is Long Hai – La Gi, it is worth for Vietnamese and foreign backpacker to visit here. The length of this route is double the route from Bau Trang to Phan Ri Cua, so the scenery here is also abundant. The costal road is connecting Vung Tau and Binh Thuan. There is not too much people travel along this road, so that’s why the beach here retains the true wildness. Along this road, the nature is new, quite, smooth and beautiful. If you want a chance to explore a new area, this is not a bad choice. So, let’s go to Long Hai right now.Long Hai Beach

Da Lat

Da Lat – the name is no stranger to tourists, and in fact, the city itself is also being swept away in the trend of “urbanization, commercialization” as it has been done in Sapa. However, please keep calm and do not be sad, many people still love Da Lat very much. When tourists come to Da Lat, they may fall in love with the climate here, the environment around Da Lat is just simply very clean, clear, all day covered by fog and some sudden rain. Da Lat have a lot of waterfalls, such as: Dambri, Camly, Prenn.. and many attractive scenic like: Bao Dai mansion, Truc Lam temple, Lam Dong museum, Linh Phuong pagoda…Da Lat

Nevertheless, if you want to discover more about Da Lat, you may have to spend more than a month, because there are still a lot of nice places where no one visit, such as Da Lat Chapel which is located on a separate hill. Under the old roof tiles, was the care of the friars, which was now sealed, empty, with mossy walls, tinged with time. You dare come here and feel another side of Dalat.

Phu Yen sea paradise

Phu Yen sea paradise

Back to the sea, Phu Yen – the land of yellow flowers on the green grass. This time, we recommend that you can bring your friends, go camping and stay overnight on the beach. Beside long straight paths, grassy fields or green fields, Phu Yen also has a stunning scenery that make the first time tourists lost their passion. O Loan , Da Dia rapids, Mon beach, Bai Xep, … are interesting places that you should not miss. In addition, the tourism industry in Phu Yen has not developed so strong, so you can freely enjoy the peaceful space, simple life of the people here.

Tra Su mangrove forest – An Giang

Located about 30km from Chau Doc town, the best time to visit Tra Su Tram is around August to November. The climate is cool, pleasant, moreover, the water level is uprising, the season of the West floating in the most stage of the year. If you are a lover of nature, come to Tra Su’s forest. Blue sky, green forest and blue water, floating along the flow of water, you will feel your heart is peaceful.Tra Su mangrove forest - An Giang

New year will bring new opportunities, do not let the day pass away in boring, let’s go and explore new places. Visit my blog The Green Field Group


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